Decal Calendar

As our lives become increasingly digitized, the days of snail-mail are quickly disappearing along with the satisifaction of crossing off tasks on a hand-written to-do list, I find it nice to sometimes use real, tangible tools. Working for an internet company everything is digital and the world of Spoonflower is no different. What I love about Spoonflower though, is the ability to take a digital file and create something real, whether it be a custom skirt, plushie doll, or decal calendar!

In the marketing department at work we thought having a tangible editorial calendar for our blog content would be a great way to see quickly what's happening each month, so I created a calendar design to print on a 30"x30" decal. Read on for the simple steps to create your own! I chose to create in Adobe Illustrator, but scanning in a hand drawn calendar or using another design software would also produce awesome results!

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