Create a Minky Tag Blanket

A tag blanket is a quick and easy project perfect for a new baby. This project takes no time to whip up and makes a great baby shower gift or present for the newest child in your life. The best part, you can get four out of a yard of Kona! Make tag blankets for everyone!

For this tag blanket sewn up for my sweet niece, I used Ivie Cloth Co's Old Maid's Puzzle Cheater Quilt // Polka Dot Aqua and Ankepanke's Letters.

The full how to is over on the Spoonflower blog!

Print Art on Gift Wrap

A new year brings a new start. I love to think about fresh ways to update my space each year to reflect my hopeful and excited attitude towards the months ahead. Updating and adding new art prints to your walls is an easy way to change the feel of a room. Thanks to Pinterest, and the many talented bloggers and designers on the web, there is a wealth of art available to download and print for free. I've selected some of my favorites and complied the notes needed to add them all to a roll of gift wrap for high quality prints at a low cost.

Find the full how to on the Spoonflower blog

Print Party Supplies on Gift Wrap

I take party planning pretty seriously. Every detail is accounted for, and coordination is key. When I struggled to find exactly what I was searching for, I thought why not design and print party supplies on gift wrap? 

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my file, but the same idea can be executed using Photoshop, PicMonkey or any design platform.

See the full how to over on the Spoonflower blog!

DIY Outdoor Chair Makeover

Given a choice to spend time indoors or out, I'm likely going to choose to be outside (humidity dependent-- we are in the South after all!). And hanging out in the great outdoors is much more enjoyable when relaxing in a beautiful chair. I was surprised when finding something I liked proved to be difficult. Enter Eco Canvas-- the perfect durable fabric for updating simple wooden chairs. Read on for my five simple steps to make over inexpensive sling chairs for your outdoor space! See the full how-to on the Spoonflower blog!

Decal Calendar

As our lives become increasingly digitized, the days of snail-mail are quickly disappearing along with the satisifaction of crossing off tasks on a hand-written to-do list, I find it nice to sometimes use real, tangible tools. Working for an internet company everything is digital and the world of Spoonflower is no different. What I love about Spoonflower though, is the ability to take a digital file and create something real, whether it be a custom skirt, plushie doll, or decal calendar!

In the marketing department at work we thought having a tangible editorial calendar for our blog content would be a great way to see quickly what's happening each month, so I created a calendar design to print on a 30"x30" decal. Read on for the simple steps to create your own! I chose to create in Adobe Illustrator, but scanning in a hand drawn calendar or using another design software would also produce awesome results!

Head over to the Spoonflower blog for the full post!

Custom Sewing Machine Cover

This year for Mother's Day, I wanted to create something special to celebrate one of the coolest ladies I know--my grandmother! We share a passion for textiles and sewing so when she showed me one of her vintage machines, I thought a photograph of it would be really interesting printed on fabric. A sewing machine cover has been on my to-sew list for a while, so I put two and two together and voilà-- a custom sewing machine cover featuring my grandma's vintage machine! Head over to the Spoonflower Blog for the full how-to!

Custom Bean Bag Toss

When my sister Ginnie tied the knot last April, I created a custom bean bag toss game for guests to enjoy during the reception. Head over to the Spoonflower blog for the full how-to!